Welcome to the 2001 Fundraising Corporation Home Page.
  The class of 2001 students from the High School of Economics and
Finance, located at 100 Trinity Place, is determined to have a successful prom
and senior trip. Due to the high cost of all senior dues the class of 2000
will have an estimated amount of thirty students from our high school at
prom and their senior trip is at Dorney Park. This is unacceptable for the
Class of 2001 for the following reasons: (1) We are the first graduating
class of the new century, (2) We have worked hard to graduate from one of
United States top 10 high schools, and (3) We feel as a whole that being it
is our last year as high school students we would like to let it be a year we

  The reasons The Class of 2001 Fundraising Corp. is sending this email to
you is because we ask that you help us on our verge to make money so that all
the students in our class can afford their senior dues. We will accept any
means of donations. If not donations we will accept any help that you can
offer us. In return we will place your name as one of our sponsors in every
event that we have.
Right now our class is focusing on a carnival that should be held on
june 10. There we will have pie throwing, basketball tournaments, a marriage
booth, karaoke competition, etc...
If you have any futher questions please contact the head of the
Corporation, Mr. Melkonian at, (212) 346-0708 ext.2935 or you can email the
corp. at 2001FC@Welcome.To

  Our email: 2001FC@Welcome.To

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